Thursday, 14 July 2011

Google Plus

Just so you know, I've got invites to G+. If anyone wants them, just leave a comment and I'll send one over :-)

Anyone using it and wishing to add me (there's not a lot to see, mind) can find me at


Anonymous said...

I think google plus will take the lead because acordin to this site clavier , 7 million american desactivated their fb account I wonder how will they response to that :) .
P.S the original clavier article is in arabic for a tranlated copy use google translate plz

Rational Anarchist said...

I had a facebook account, but never used it - it didn't seem worth the effort. Google plus is at least integrated with gmail, so I'll be able to follow it without having to go out of my way, and I know a whole bunch of people on there :-)